Carpal Tunnel Rehabilitation

Hand therapy is a specialized form of physical therapy or occupational therapy that focuses on the upper extremities. As you can imagine, there are a plethora of conditions that fall under that umbrella. For information on some of the other conditions that fall in that category, visit our physical therapy page.

Carpal tunnel is one of the main conditions treated by physical therapists who are certified in hand therapy. This condition is characterized by numbness, tingling, or weakness in the hand. This can travel up the length of the forearm.

The condition is pressure on the median nerve caused by inflammation and swelling in the tendons and ligaments in the wrist. This is a nerve that runs the length of the arm through a passage in the wrist to the hand. This passage is called the carpal tunnel. This nerve controls movement and feeling in the thumb, and movement in the fingers.

It tends to be caused by repetitive movement in the hand, especially when the movement involves the hand below the wrist.

If you have any of the symptoms mentioned above, it’s a good idea to get checked out by a physical therapist or your doctor. When caught early, simple solutions like wearing a wrist brace tend to work well. However, if symptoms persist, they can either become worsened, or appear to go away, only to return later. At worst, symptoms can become permanent.

For assistance in diagnosing or treating carpal tunnel, please contact our office at (480) 833-1005. Our physical and occupational therapists will be able to evaluate and treat your condition, or connect you to available resources in your area.

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