Disability Claims and Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

Effective management and implementation of workplace safety and health programs add significant value to people and companies by reducing the number, severity and cost of work-related injury and illness.

Petersen Physical Therapy works directly with employers and employees to identify and assess risk factors and provide injury prevention education via job site assessment and work simulation. Early recognition and treatment minimizes the chance of becoming injured and the severity of an injury should one occur.

Certified Functional Capacity Evaluations are available to assess the degree of disability and the capacity of an employee to return to work. The benefit to the employee is a safe and speedy return to prior work activities; meanwhile, the employers benefit from a significant cost savings.


Effective, one-on-one treatment is provided to the injured employee as the therapists at Petersen Physical Therapy customize rehabilitation plans to help patients get back to their highest level of function as safely as possible. Meanwhile, the therapists maintain communication with the patient, physician, case manager, and insurance company.

“Businesses spend $171 billion a year on costs associated with occupational injuries and illness expenditures that come straight out of the companys’ profits. It can comprise as much as five percent of a company’s total costs,” said Jeffery Petersen PT MOMT, and founder of Petersen Physical Therapy. “We want to help companies become proactive in their workplace safety by preventing the injury before it happens; meanwhile, supporting them with physical therapy should an incident occur.”

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