Metabolic/Weight Loss Program

Our Metabolic Therapy Program is one we are very excited about! For a brief overview of the program, check out the video above.

We are now offering it at our Tempe, Maricopa and Gilbert clinics, with great results. The best part is this: it’s completely free to you, as long as you are also utilizing physical therapy services.

The purpose of the program is to assist our patients in losing weight that is causing them health problems. For example, when someone has repeat knee/hip/ankle/back issues and it doesn’t get better with therapy, losing weight will often improve symptoms dramatically. The other common reason is when a patient needs surgery but must lose weight in order for the surgery to be successful.

Many of us try diets galore, various forms of exercise, and perhaps other techniques for shedding a few extra pounds. Some of us have had success, others have had minimal results, and others get overwhelmed very quickly and give up. We all understand the type of struggle it can be to change our lifestyle like this.

The thing you will find, if you try this program, is that it is different from other things you have tried. We watch great results happen before our eyes, when each patient commits to one small lifestyle change at a time, such as drinking more water or changing an aspect of their diet.

And that’s just it—you don’t have to commit to any dramatic life changes right away. You don’t need to sign up for a gym or pay a nutritionist—it’s all here. You will be under the supervision of the most highly trained physical exercise experts, while getting no-pressure input from the most highly experienced nutrition experts.

The goal is to meet you where you are. If this is something that interests you, or if your doctor has recommended it, please give us a call and request to speak with one of our therapists about the program!

Metabolic Before & After

The following patients reclaimed their lives through the metabolic program!

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