Recent Recipes from Kelli Shallal of our Metabolic Weight Loss Program

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Here’s a couple quick posts from our good friend of Petersen Physical Therapy from Kelli Shallal’s Instagram page @HungryHobby on the importance of Meal Prep:

Oat Flour Zucchini Bread – This quick post shows you how to make your own bread out of something you may already have in your pantry … OATS! Here’s a great idea from our friend Kelli at Hungry Hobby. Many essential food items are hard to find in the store these days, including bread.

Easy Chipotle Chicken Marinara – Another delicious option from Kelli. This one uses just a few ingredients.

Healthy Orange Creamsicle Popsicles – As it gets warmer outside, we’re always looking for ways to keep cool.

For those that don’t know, Kelli works with our physical therapy patients who need not only guidance through their physical ailments, but also through their weight loss journey. Fueling yourself with the right stuff will not only help with your short-term physical therapy goals, but also helps with maintaining an active lifestyle.

Signing up is easy. When you come in for your physical therapy evaluation, just mention the Weight Loss Program, and you’re enrolled. Free of charge!