Our Mission at Petersen Physical Therapy

A physical therapist walking around the clinic and gym

Our Promise is to “Meet people where they are. Help them move forward.”

The above has become a mantra for us. The thing we’ve noticed about other businesses (we’re sure you have too), is that too often they expect us, as customers, to meet them on their level.

Let us explain:

Have you ever walked in to a store, gym, or other place of business and felt that you didn’t know what to do, when it seemed like everyone else did? Have you ever met a highly trained professional who used complicated terms and left your head spinning? We’ve all had this experience. And the problem with this approach should be obvious—we walk out of places with more questions than when they arrived.

The thing we understand at Petersen Physical Therapy is that the people we meet who are frustrated by their pain, and fearful of what it means for their future. Therefore, we believe that expecting our patients to have all the answers or automatically commit to their physical recovery makes no sense.

What does make sense is for us to walk you through what needs to happen, what your part in your recovery is, and what role we play as therapists. Everything we do, including the exercises/stretches we prescribe, the frequency we ask you to complete them, and any other life changes we recommend, will be thoroughly explained to you. We don’t want our patients to walk out unsure of what they are getting themselves into or unsure of how something will/won’t help them.

We want you to walk out feeling better and with all of your questions answered.

This is why we use the promise: “Meeting people where they are and helping them move forward.”

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