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Welcome to Petersen Physical Therapy!

Our 4 offices cover the entire East Valley in Arizona. We see success on a daily basis:

We are highly trained, licensed physical therapy, occupational therapy, aquatic therapy, and speech therapy experts serving Arizona’s east valley. As a locally owned business, we have operated in the valley for over 30 years. Our offices are easily accessible and within driving distance from all over the Valley. We focus on the individual and meeting our community’s needs.

We pride ourselves on our family atmosphere. From your first phone call, you will find our staff personable and professional. This creates a comfortable, relaxed, and fun atmosphere and leads to optimal results.

Our Promise

Meet people where they are, and help them move forward.

Are you in pain? Call a physical therapist first!

The best kept secret in the rehabilitation world – many people do not realize that you can see your physical therapist with or without a referral from a doctor.

Arizona is classified as an “unrestricted access” state. This allows complete access to physical therapy services without a prescription, with no visit limit. You can call us today and have an evaluation of your condition.

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Physical Therapy Services | What Can We Help You With?

Why Physical Therapy?

The purpose of physical therapy is to ultimately optimize your function by relieving pain in joints/muscles, improving the strength, flexibility, and mobility of tissue. If you’ve got pain or dysfunction somewhere in your body, we can help!

Physical therapy is one of the least invasive forms of treatment for pain and joint/muscle dysfunction. It has a proven track record of providing results where other treatment options have failed.

Many times our patients are surprised when their pain begins to vanish, because often they have been dealing with the pain a long time and didn’t expect the answer to be so simple.

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How Does It Work?

Upon your first call, we will ask you a few quick questions and then schedule you for an evaluation. This is an appointment with one of our therapists in the Petersen Physical Therapy location of your choice (Tempe, Maricopa, Mesa, East Mesa).

From here, treatment goals and a plan will be established with you, including agreed upon frequency and duration. Each appointment will build on the strengthening, flexibility, and mobility work established in the previous appointment.

You will be given exercises to do at home to maintain your progress as you continue your therapy. The importance of the “home exercise program” (HEP) is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to maintain your success outside of therapy.

Our therapists will take a hands on approach through utilizing individualized treatment methods. This is to promote mobility, function, and pain relief. All treatments are performed with your fully informed consent. Your therapist will take great care to explain the rationale for each treatment.

As you improve, we will help you monitor your progress all the way through discharge. Petersen Physical Therapy’s aim is to set you up for success and help you continue with managing your condition using your exercises.

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