Why We Are Here

A sports injury.At Petersen Physical Therapy, we understand why you sought us out. We’ve all had physical injuries and issues in the past, and we know how frustrating it can be. The short answer is:

We’re here because we want to help!

We don’t just believe we can help, we know we can, because we see it work every day when our patients come to visit.

We’ve all got a desire to live life and perform activities pain free. If you’ve been injured or have a physical problem holding you back from living the way you want to, it is extremely frustrating. The trouble begins the second we begin to seek out solutions. The typical questions arise:

“Will I need to get surgery? If so, how long will it take for me to recover? I don’t have time to be on the couch for two weeks!”

“Am I going to need expensive medications? Can I afford that? Is it even possible to recover without medications?”

“Am I going to be as independent as I used to be?”

“Am I going to have to quit a sport or activity that I love? I don’t want to do that!”

These questions can be overwhelming. Many people begin the process of seeking help but quickly return to ignoring the problem.

It doesn’t have to be like this. Physical therapy is designed to be a specific solution to your problem. The definition of physical therapy is treating physical ailments with physical methods. This is not to say that surgery is never necessary. It’s just that physical therapists provide long-term solutions to functional and pain related problems at a significantly lower cost compared to surgery, injections, etc. These include things like soft tissue mobilization, heat treatment, exercise, and stretching, rather than medications or surgery.

As a direct access state, you can come see a physical therapist first in order to seek direction regarding your medical care.

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