Industrial Ergonomic Assessments in Arizona

Petersen Physical Therapy will provide specialized ergonomic evaluations all over the state of Arizona.

Petersen Physical Therapy specializes in helping companies reduce work-related musculoskeletal disorders by matching the demands of the job to the physical capabilities of the worker. We find the fit between the work environment and human performance to mitigate ergonomic risk. Our consulting services, performed by certified ergonomists, offer a full spectrum of injury risk management solutions. For an industrial ergonomic assessment or evaluations in Arizona, please reach out to us to set it up!

Arizona Industrial Ergonomic Consulting

Our highly rated services include:

  • WorkSTEPS pre-employment
  • Testing
  • Fit-for-duty / return to work
  • Ergonomics training
  • Analysis of work risk factors
  • Ergonomics evaluations
  • Functional capacity evaluation (FCE)
  • Ergonomics job descriptions
  • Medical care coordination
  • Workplace injury rehabilitation


The good news is that most workplace injuries related to poor ergonomics are preventable.  Successful ergonomic programs reduce injury rates an average of 70% while cutting costs and raising productivity and employee morale.

Program Development

We can help you review your current ergonomics program and create a long term, strategic, customized plan for you.

What to Expect

Greater productivity, comfort and morale are just some of the benefits you can expect. Some additional benefits include:

  • Reduced healthcare costs
  • Reduced absenteeism and time loss
  • Reduced incidence and severity of injuries
  • Improved work quality
  • Improved bottom line
  • Improved worker retention

Work Risk Analysis

Petersen Physical Therapy’s work risk analysis is an assessment that goes beyond traditional “ergonomics” job design analysis. It also considers workers behaviors and their relationship to the risks of increasing injuries, costs and claims. It results in the development of a corrective action plan that addresses injuries, claims and costs as three separate but related issues. It is a comprehensive document that can be understood and used by individuals without a medical background. It essentially teaches you what your problems are how to fix them. This report becomes the initial draft of your Ergonomics Plan.

Management Training

Management team training is an essential component of any training program. When training is one of the recommended corrective actions in the work risk analysis, it is always starts with management and supervisor training. To assure success of any of our systems, it is essential to educate managers and supervisors regarding their role in the elimination of injuries, the reduction of claims, and the control of costs. Our training is designed to present the most current technology and the politics of prevention. The results are attitudes, skills and commitment being enhanced on the part of the management and leadership teams.

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