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A runner holding his knee in pain.

Knee pain is one of the most common groups of conditions we treat. Whether you’re an athlete overcoming a sports injury, or you’re simply trying to recover from the wear and tear on your joints over the years, our knee pain specialists near Tempe, Mesa, and Maricopa can help!

The knee joint is one of the most commonly injured body parts and a common source of joint pain. Many of us experience it in some form, and many of us have decided to ignore it to see if it would go away. Sometimes, however, it won’t and it turns out that we will actually need to take action to return to the level of activity we would prefer.

We often think of athletes as the ones affected by knee pain, but this isn’t always the case. It affects people of all ages and activity levels. Many people are treated for knee pain every day.

The trouble with having a knee issue is twofold:

One, it can be very frustrating due to the number of potential causes. Therefore, it is tough to “self-diagnose” and can often linger and continue even when resting the area. Two, it is difficult to rest your knees. You need your knees to walk, and they take a lot of wear and tear from basic, daily activities.

There are several diagnoses that lead to knee pain. A few are: OA (osteoarthritis), meniscus damage, cartilage damage (ACL, MCL), and patellofemoral syndrome. Each has a different recovery protocol, and therefore understanding what is causing the pain and how to treat it is the first piece of the puzzle when it comes to recovery.

Many times, knee pain is a chronic issue that occurs randomly, or could be from a specific reason like an old sports injury. Whatever the cause, knee pain and dysfunction is important to address and treat properly.

You may even try rehabilitation techniques, home remedies such as medications to reduce inflammation, or seek medical advice and solutions such as hyaluronic acid injections. Otherwise you may continue to feel frustrated and unable to enjoy the activities you love.

Whether you intend to run a marathon or simply want to get down on the ground to play with your grandchildren, knee pain can be debilitating.

Chronic knee pain and surgery

The biggest concern we hear when it comes to knee pain is the question of surgery. It brings to mind thoughts of walking around on crutches for weeks, taking time off of work, and utilizing medications.

Physical therapy is a minimally invasive treatment that often helps patients avoid surgery altogether, and this is exactly the reason that starting with a physical therapist often makes the most sense.

Many times, learning how to rehabilitate and manage your symptoms is the key to recovery. This is not to say that an orthopedic surgeon’s services are never necessary, but often a few simple strength and stabilization exercises are enough to treat the knee and prevent further injury.

Physical therapists are the experts in the diagnosis and treatment of knee disorders, and seeing a PT can expedite your recovery.

At Petersen Physical Therapy, we are able to treat all post-op knee operations, as well as regular knee pain not requiring surgery. Whether it is a knee replacement surgery (TKA), an ACL repair, or a menisectomy, we are skilled and ready to develop a personalized treatment plan for you.

If you do end up getting surgery (or you’ve already had it), post-op physical therapy is crucial to the recovery process.  Without therapy, the knee can get very stiff and range of motion can be lost.

Also, the muscles around the knee can atrophy, leading to poor stability. Losing ROM and strength following a surgery can impede the healing process, and decrease function.  Physical therapy is here to make sure that doesn’t happen!

Of course, we will refer you to a top-notch surgeon if that is what you need. Either way, you will have an established physical therapist to return to once your surgery is complete. This piece will be important regardless.

What’s The Next Step?

If you’ve been having a problem with one (or both) knees and would like to get to the bottom of the issue, we would recommend seeking physical therapy for knee pain.

We offer physical therapy for knee pain in all of our offices:

After a thorough physical evaluation and discussion for your treatment options, we are prepared to treat your knee injury conservatively, improving the knee to normal levels without sending you under the knife.

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