Postural Interruption Exercises

The following exercises can be performed in just a few minutes per day. The purpose of Postural Interruption exercises is to intentionally change the mechanical stress from one area to the other, to decompress (gently stretch) relatively compressed tissue and decrease the shear forces (stretch) on the opposing tissue. These exercises are low intensity and will greatly improve the way you feel, focus, and perform at work. We are gently altering the mechanical forces of gravity and life to improve circulation and nutrition to tissue.

Chin Tucks

Make sure to keep your back straight while you use one or two fingers to push your chin gently back.

Upper Trap Stretch

Gently try to move your ear towards your shoulder. You should feel the stretch on the opposite side of your neck.

Wrist Extensor Stretch (Version 1)

Make a fist, place your palm down, and then straighten your elbow.

Wrist Flexor Stretch

Place your palm upwards, straighten your elbow, and use your other hand to extend your wrist.

Standing Elbow Squeeze

Make sure not to arch your back as you squeeze your elbows in towards each other.

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