How to Stay Healthy and Mobile During COVID-19

Stuck at home? Here are some COVID-19 friendly exercise routines!

The unprecedented quarantine going on right now is sure to have more than a few of us feeling stir crazy. Staying home can be particularly problematic for those of you who are in physical therapy currently, or are dealing with other physical issues. Below is a simple exercise program that can be completed in 10-15 … Read more How to Stay Healthy and Mobile During COVID-19

The Effects of Exercise on Dementia

There are several types of cognitive impairment that fall within the umbrella term of dementia.  Dementia generally refers to a decline in memory and the ability to process information and make decisions. Some of the types include: Young onset dementia Mild cognitive impairment Vascular dementia Acute CVA Chronic vascular decline Mixed dementia Frontotemporal dementia Lewy … Read more The Effects of Exercise on Dementia

Postural Interruption Exercises

The following exercises can be performed in just a few minutes per day. The purpose of Postural Interruption exercises is to intentionally change the mechanical stress from one area to the other, to decompress (gently stretch) relatively compressed tissue and decrease the shear forces (stretch) on the opposing tissue. These exercises are low intensity and … Read more Postural Interruption Exercises