VIDEO: Best Exercises for Golf Warmup!

Are you starting to hit the courses again? Of course, it’s getting hot out, but if you’re anything like us, we’ve been dying to get out there again! Here is a quick routine of the best exercises for golf warmups put together by Jeff Petersen, MOMT, PT, and owner of Petersen Physical Therapy. As a golfer, he uses these exercises himself! If you’d prefer to read, rather than watch, skip below the video for pictures and exercise descriptions!

All you need is a single golf club and a few minutes!

Stretch 1: Golf Club Raise

Hold the grip of your golf club with one hand, and the head with your other hand, stand shoulder width apart, and try to reach for the ceiling! Once you feel the stretch in your ribs and shoulders, hold for 30 seconds.

Golf club raise, position 1
Golf club raise, position 2

Stretch 2: Raised Club Side Bends

From the same position as above, lower the golf club laterally towards the ground, as in the pictures below. Pull on the handle (or head) towards the ground, which will increase the amount of stretch you feel in the armpit and ribs. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds, and then repeat on the other side.

The side bend is one of the best warmup exercises for golf
Golf club side bend position 2

Stretch 3: Golf Club Trunk Rotations

Raise the club directly in front of you, with your hands in the same position as the first two stretches. Rotate your trunk slowly to one side until you feel a gentle stretch and strain, then hold for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

Golf club trunk rotation position 1
Golf club trunk rotation position 2

Stretch 4: Golf Club “Warrior” Pose

If you’ve ever done yoga before, this one will be familiar to you. If not, don’t worry, because it’s extremely simple. Place one foot behind the other in an athletic stance, squeeze your buttocks muscle on the side of the rear leg, and stand straight until you feel a light stretch in the front of the hip. Raise the club high over your head, and lean forward to feel a stretch in your calf and hip. Hold for a count of 30 and then repeat on the other side.

Warrior pose with a golf club, front view
Warrior pose with a golf club, side view

Stretch 5: Golf Club Hamstring Stretch

If you’ve got any back pain, skip this one. If not, then it’s time to stretch the all-important hamstrings! Engage your core, keep your lower back flat, and hinge at the hip until you feel the stretch in your hamstrings! Hold for 30 seconds.

Hamstring stretch, position 1
Hamstring stretch, bottom position

Dynamic Warmup 1: Arm circles with the golf club

Hold the handle of the club and slowly begin making arm circles with the golf club. Go faster as the shoulder warms up, and complete 25 circles in one direction, and then 25 in the other direction. Then switch arms and repeat in the opposite arm.

Dynamic Warmup 2: Golf club swings

This exercise is not a true golf swing, but rather a swing of the golf club. Hold one hand on the handle of the club and the other on the head, as in the stretches above. Then swing your body in the plane that you would to hit a golf ball. If this description is confusing, be sure to check the video above to see it visually. Repeat this for 25 repetitions, and then switch arms.

Dynamic Warmup 3: Golf Club “Baseball Bat” Swings

Yes, you read that right. The next warmup will be to swing the golf club as if it were a baseball bat, accelerating through the swing and adding speed throughout the drill. Repeat for 25 repetitions.

Dynamic Warmup 4: Golf Club Swings

This one is exactly what you think it is. Square off and swing the club as you would if you were hitting a golf ball. Repeat for 25 repetitions. At this point you should be pretty warm and ready to play.

Have fun out there, and be safe!!

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