McGill Big 3: Chronic Back Pain Relief in a Few Minutes a Day

Two adults performing the side plank / bridge exercise from the McGill big three exercise program.

The following article will feature information from a number of sources, including but not limited to world renowned back pain researcher Dr. Stuart McGill. It will culminate with what we believe is one of the most effective basic programs for the average individual regarding back pain and rehabilitation. It is NOT intended to replace a … Read more

How Much Exercise Do I Need? Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans

Exercise can be a bewildering topic, and it draws different images into our minds depending on our backgrounds, what we’ve heard, and what our doctors, coaches, spouses, and friends have told us over the years. Many of us “used” to exercise … (remember cross country back in high school?) … but if we’re in the … Read more

Dog Heat Safety!

2 Rodesian Ridgebacks safe from the Arizona heat!

In the dry climate of Arizona, especially during the summer when it is hot the heat can cause several health problems in people and our 4 legged family members. I have had personal experience with my first dog a Bearded Collie named Joshua, becoming dehydrated after a strenuous hike. It was a scary and dangerous … Read more